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Juris Martinez
5th grade
was the year of Sex Education.
We learned about mixed numbers
and Lewis and Clark,
discovered elementary geometry,
performed experiments,
and analyzed characters.

It was also the year we vowed to say no.

No to drugs.
No to drinking.
No to violence.
No to gangs.
No to sex.

We even vowed
to say no
to no,
and to just stay positive.

Paul Agostino  commented on September 12, 2017 :
Tell kids not to do something and it makes them want to do it more. It's the oldest story in the Book. “You may eat of any tree in the Garden,” God said to the First Pair, “except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” You know what happened after that. Some say the young lovers were foolish to take the bait, but I don't see how they had a choice. If they hadn’t eaten the forbidden fruit, they would have stayed innocent children forever. And what kind of Paradise is that? Then again, if they were innocent children, how could they have been tempted with evil in the first place? They must have had the knowledge of Good and Evil before they partook. The whole thing smells like a set-up to me. If they don’t bite, there’s no story, just sweet fairy tales, soft lullabies, and grape juice that never turns to wine. And who’s gonna read a book like that?
Michael  commented on September 18, 2017 :
No is life.
As we know it.
Yes is what
You were born
to do.


Then have drinks afterward while spewing the degradation of human society. Then order pizza and have sex and watch a cool TV show and then complain that the Mexicans get a free ride, because complaining is entertainment.

Don't cross the union picket line
And wonder why
men only get
to wear suits and ties
on the information networks
while women
wear dresses
and heels that prop calves
for the benefit of men

And tell your mother
she's on her own
In her old age
Because dad died first

Stay positive
Because high school
Formed you

And your parents
Fed you

Your mother
Didn't know
And your father

We all meet at McDonald's or grow our own vegetables

Either way
We've come to play dates
Domented  commented on September 26, 2017 :
The turn here is perfect. Saying no to every temptation, including saying no. Be positive in your negatives. A paradox, if ever there was one.

A good little list of lessons learned and, perhaps, lamented.
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