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Family Portraits, 5: Don't I Deserve A Participation Ribbon?
Lawrence J. Agostino (#6, Mama's Little Baby)
Sometimes people ask me, "Don't you have anything better to do all day than write on Facebook and taunt people?" To which I answer, "Nope. Nothing. I don't have an important job and an exciting life like you. I'm what you might call, 'A loser.' Why do you ask?"

Paul Agostino  commented on August 05, 2017 :

Mama's Little Baby

My brother Larry is the youngest of the six of us. There's a funny story about that. When we were all cooped up in the car during one family vacation trip, we asked our mother where babies come from. She said, "Don't they teach you that in school?" We said no. She jumped over the question and said, "Well, your father and I wanted two boys and two girls." Then our sister Betty said, "Yeah, and everything was going perfect until the twins came along. Henry always ruins everything." To which Henry shouted, "BETTY!" And then my father said, "Don't make me pull this car over!" Then Henry said, "Well, Mom, if you only wanted four kids and you already had five, where did Larry come from?" To this, my mother shrugged her shoulders. Then, a little while later, when an argument broke out in the car and Larry chimed in, Henry pointed at him and said, "You shut-up, Little Larry. You have no say in this matter, because you're a mistake!"
richard peters  commented on August 05, 2017 :
little larry the loser ha ha
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