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Family Portraits, 4: Talking Back to Refrigerator Magnets
Ferdinand L. Agostino (#4a)
"You can do anything you want to if you're not afraid to work hard and dream." Oh yeah? Well, I dreamed of being a professional athlete, and I worked as hard as I could, but I still didn't make the junior high basketball or baseball teams. And the only reason I made the soccer team was because they didn't have cuts. Then I wanted to be a singer, but my music teacher told me I had a lisp and was tone deaf, and every time I sang in public, everybody laughed. So that was another dream shot to shit. Since then, I've lived a life of defeat and disillusionment. Well, that's what I get for being so gullible.

Paul Agostino  commented on August 03, 2017 :
I once wrote something nice for my brother Ferdinand, but he didn't like it. He said I only wrote it to make myself look good. So I figured I'd let him speak for himself. And here are the results.
Two Clowns  commented on August 03, 2017 :
<{;o) Repeat after us, Ferdy: "My name isn't 'Wrongo Starr...'"

<[:@( "My name is 'Lucky Starr!'"
richard peters  commented on August 03, 2017 :
nerdy ferdy ha
Letters to Editor  commented on August 03, 2017 :
If at first you don't succeed, try again; if you fail a second time, say the hell with it.

--Homer Simpson,
Springfield, USA
Lucifer Beelzebub  commented on August 03, 2017 :
I find it ironic that 4a-Ferdy has always fancied himself a writer, but has never actually published anything -- and that it is his older, more talented brother who is the one to publish Ferdy's first effort. All that "younger brother" envy and angst for nothing. Oh, well. Like they say: "It's never too late to learn."
Two Clowns  commented on August 03, 2017 :
<{;o) Is this the brother that lives out of a U-Haul trailer?

<[:@( Yeah. On the side of it, he painted the words: "ANYWHERE OR BUST."
richard peters  commented on August 03, 2017 :
is this the twin brother that was adopted or is that the other twin brother??
Paul Agostino  commented on August 03, 2017 :
We've always treated both of them like they were part of the family.
The Wrench  commented on August 04, 2017 :
Sign: If I were you I would turn back

Cowardly Lion: 'Good Idea."
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