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Family Portraits, 3: My Brush With Fame
Betty S. Agostino (#3, Dad's Favorite)
I was at a restaurant and speaking in my usual loud voice when the guy at the next table turned around and got my attention. “Excuse me...,” he said to me, “but are you on Channel 12 News?” It’s not a question I’ve ever been asked before, so I didn’t know how to take it. On one hand, the guy may have thought I was famous…you know, in some minor way. On the other hand, Channel 12 is a 24-hour local news channel which employs fading and second-rank news people. I call it, “The Island of Misfit Newscasters.”

Letters to Editor  commented on August 03, 2017 :
Edward Eriksson: Don’t all the News 12 anchors need a shave?

Paul Agostino: Yeah. Especially the women.

Dave Eaton: There is an episode of Seinfeld wherein Elaine becomes incensed when she notices all of the female staff share one common physical endowment. The climax of this particular plot thread was that after confronting the owner about his hiring practices, she learns that they happen to share another commonality: they are his daughters. How is this apropos? I have a sneaking suspicion that all of the News12 female staff may be sisters.

Christine Coyle Jelley: One of the News 12 anchor's husbands hit the back of my car when I was screaming at my son after Little League photos. He didn't notice me because he was screaming at his kid, too.

<{;o)   Sounds like you have something in common.

<[:@(   Maybe your kids can have a play-date.

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