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Family Portraits, 2: Thank-You Note
Henry E. Agostino (#4b)
I like the way Ward Cleaver talks to his boys, Wally and the Beaver. Thoughtful. Measured. I love the stories he uses to illustrate his points. They always bring things into the proper focus. I dig June Cleaver. Her style. Unruffled. The apron-dress combinations. Idyllic, yet approachable. I mean, what more could you want? Well, I never had any of that. So here I am. Caught somewhere between self-pity, longing, and regret. I feel like my life exists in a state of stalemate. Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad.

Two Clowns  commented on July 31, 2017 :
<{;o)   What is the filthiest line in the history of television?

<[:@(   It's when June Cleaver says to her husband, "Ward, you were a little hard on the Beaver last night."
The Wrench  commented on August 03, 2017 :
I've always been a big fan of Eddie Haskell. I used to love when he'd stop over to the Cleaver house and say to June, "Why, hello, Mrs. Cleaver. How are you and how is the Beaver today?"
Letters to Editor  commented on August 03, 2017 :

Shalem Hughes: The Cleavers are a fabrication. Give your parents a break.

Paul Agostino: Are you a licensed psychiatrist? No. I didn't think so. Then how can you know my brother's pain? You can't. Maybe you ought to try a little compassion, Shalem Hughes. Have you ever thought of that? Remember: Caring never goes out of style.

<{;o) We may not always like what you say, Shalem Hughes.

<[:@( But we like the way you say it.

Shalem Hughes: Zip it, trolls!

<{;o) Au contraire, mon cheri. It is you who are provoking us. Remember whose Facebook timeline you're on.

<[:@( You just can't stay away from us, can you?

richard peters: shalem hughes my mom says when you call somebody a troll you turn into an ugly ogre
Letters to Editor  commented on August 03, 2017 :
Estelle Caruso: Margaret Anderson was prettier than June Cleaver!
Lucifer Beelzebub  commented on August 03, 2017 :
Yes, but there was something naughty about June Cleaver that was impossible to resist.
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