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Family Portraits, 1: My Mother, the Taskmaster
Gabriel M. Agostino (#1, Mom's Favorite)
A weekend visit to my mother’s house is kind of like a working vacation. It’s supposed to be your day off, but when you go over there, the woman has a list of “Things to Do” written out for you. And in her famous Peabody-Perfect penmanship, too. But the way I figure, that’s not my job. That’s my brothers’ and sister’s job. There’s five of them. And then there’s all the grandchildren. Hey, like they say: “Many hands make work light.”

Bradley  commented on July 30, 2017 :
Apostrophe s?
richard peters  commented on July 31, 2017 :
whats an apostrophe??
Paul Agostino  commented on July 31, 2017 :
Tell Mom I can't make it this weekend. Say hello to everyone for me.
Paul Agostino  commented on August 03, 2017 :
EDITOR'S NOTE: This tender little vignette kicks off a special new series on Headlock Press; it's called "Family Portraits," and they were written by the members of my wonderful family (five brothers, one sister). This first one was written by our oldest brother who you might know as Mr. Jill Busby Agostino. It's about our mom, who always favored him over the rest of us.
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