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Party Crashers
James Richards
A flying bottle barely misses my face and explodes against the wall blood starts to drip down into my eyes spilled drinks all over the floor HOLD HIM BACK! BREAK THOSE GUYS UP! my friends grab my arms and try to drag me away he rushes toward me I rip my arm free and bash my fist against his nose FUCK THIS! LET’S GET OUT OF HERE! we’ve only been here for a half hour but have clearly outstayed our welcome two freshman girls stand in our way just drop the shoulder and run right through them don’t look back just keep sprinting for the car another bottle sails over my head shattering on the street next to us FUCK YOU ASSHOLES! PUSSY! COME BACK AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN! we jump into the car and speed away

covered in a suit of cheap beer
and my own blood and drool
I can’t help
but smile

That guy had one tasty girlfriend

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