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New Book

Paul Agostino’s new book, Appalachian Calculations, is now on sale from Linus Books. Hit the link below and you will get all the info you need: a description of the book, a questionable bio of the author, how to order a copy, and some pretty pictures to look at while you decide if you want to take a 15-dollar gamble on 223 pages of pure brilliance. The book would make a great gift for any occasion—even minor occasions like Arbor Day, Flag Day, and, depending on your ecological point of view, Earth Day.

Paul Agostino owns and operates Headlock Press. If you are a regular reader of Headlock Press, you know who he is and how he writes. If this is your first visit to the Press, have a look around and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Appalachian Calculations

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Thursday, 7/30/15: Dark clouds appear, foretelling a storm. After that, the night will set in, releasing the scavengers, hunters, and million secrets that hide in the daylight. Sounds like time for macabre bedtime story with Uncle Bob Bradley, this evening on Headlock Press. Hit the link to our Fiction section and be chilled by a traditional tale of the boogeyman and his victims. Then sleep well, kids, sleep well.


Theater critic Dom Q. raves about the latest performance by Dan Falcone on the Headlock Press Main Stage: Dan Falcone, Dan, Falcone. Dan. Falcone. Dan Falcone Dan Falcone Dan Falcone. Dan...Falcone!

Wednesday, 7/8/15: Ladies and Gentlemen, a man who needs no introduction...Dan Falcone! Today on the Headlock Press Main Stage. Hit the link to Home Games and see things from a truly exalted point-of-view.


Tuesday, 7/7/15: "The Oldest First," a short essay about the voice and hope of experience, today on Headlock Press in the Spiritual Wrestling section. Hit the link and drop the rocks.


Thursday, 7/2/15: "How Much Light Do You Carry?" Point and counter-point, in this special afternoon edition of Headlock Press. Hid the link for some thrust and parry.


Thursday, 7/2/15: There has been a furious hailstorm of activity in the Comment boxes below some of the past week’s posts on Headlock Press. So much so, that I gave the staff the day off. Which is very unusual, to say the least, since the staff is not exactly known for its work ethic, to put it mildly. So I figured I’d give readers a day or so to catch up on everything. Go to the Spiritual Wrestling section to read a piece of “Opinion Fiction” or “Op-Ed Fiction” ("Can Morality Be Defined?") that inspired a good deal of activity in the Comments section which regular readers of Headlock Press should particularly appreciate. (Don't worry, the writing isn't as bad as the title suggests.) To see the other posts that set off a record-breaking amount of responses this past week, look at some of the recent pieces published in our Opinions section. As for me, I’m going to go take a long nap.


Wednesday, 7/1/15: For some reason, it's been "Ethics and Morality Week" in the Opinions section of Headlock Press. The latest addition, however, is in the Spiritual Wrestling section. It's the one at the top of the pile with the catchy title, "Can Morality Be Defined?" It ain't Plato, but it's...something...I guess. Hit the link and pause to ponder.


Sunday, 6/28/15: Point and counter-point by two ancient Chinese philosophers, today in our Opinions section. Two tales taken from recently uncovered ancient Chinese scrolls, and given exclusively for publication on Headlock Press. Looks like a big day for both literature and archaeology, folks. Hit the link for some thrust and parry.

P.S.: We publish something just about every day, folks, but we don't often put the promo up here, because we're not sure if anybody reads these "Welcome" bits. Geez...this place needs a dusting.

Thursday, 3/26/15: Animal lovers' week continues with a touching tale about a pair of mountain lions and a couple of orphaned cubs they take in, today on Headlock Press ("Would You Leave Me in Vegas?" by Adam O'Connor). Hit the link to our Fiction section and feel the love.

Wednesday, 3/25/15: Win a free trip to "Obedience School," today on Headlock Press, as "Pet Week" continues. Hit the link to the Poetry section for the Best in Show.

Saturday, 3/21/15: "Cat Pictures," today on Headlock Press. C'mon, you know you love them. Who can resist a feline photograph? If you're like me, you can look at cat pictures all day, one after another after another after another.... Hit the link and see why the ancient Egyptians preferred cats as pets rather than cooked in a pot.

Monday, 2/23/15: "Artistic Axioms" to grind, today, in the Short Story section of Headlock Press. Put your coined phrase in the slot, pull the lever, hit the link, and hope for the best.

Sunday, 2/22/15: A class discussion about the most underrated invention of the 20th century--and maybe of all-time, today on Headlock Press. Hit the link to Home Games and tell Tom Edison he's got company.

Thursday, 9/18/14: While most news organizations have foreign correspondents, Headlock Press has an "Alien Correspondent"; and that would be Bob Bradley, our otherworldly advice columnist. Hit the link to Home Games for his sports report. First of a series. Good luck, folks, and look out for low-flying spacecraft.

Saturday, 8/2/14: “UFOs Spotted Over Spruce Pine,” a Headlock Press exclusive. (And this ain’t no hogwash, neither, folks.) Hit the link to the Away Games section and bring a pair of binoculars.

Sunday, 7/27/14: New “writing” by dick peters, Headlock Press’ unwitting satirist. Hit the link to the Poetry section and see how some bright ideas can find their way out of a dim bulb.

Thursday, 7/24/14: One of the most unusual, and boneheaded, crime sprees in history, perpetrated over the past weekend in the little Appalachian Town of Spruce Pine, N.C. (my summer home), is reported today on Headlock Press. I want to emphasize that I’m not making any of it up—that I’m just reporting. Really. Hit the link to the Away Games section and wonder, folks…just wonder.

Wednesday, 7/23/14: Read the heroic tale of a lone knight’s defiance of a corporate giant and its legion of vice presidents in "The Boycott," A Headlock Press production, written by and starring (dramatic pause) Dan Falcone. (And friends). Hit the link to the Opinions section and witness history in the remaking.

Thursday, 7/17/14: Found treasures in supermarket aisles, today on Headlock Press. Comes with a bonus giveaway for readers—No Coupons Necessary. Hit the link, share the wealth, and pass on the savings.

Sunday Night, 7/13/14: We wrap up our World Cup coverage in this special Sunday night edition of Headlock Press. And in less-than-award-winning fashion, I might add. This evening, we’re featuring a…a poem…I guess you’d call it…by aspiring…“poet,” Richard Peters. Yes, I lost a bet on the game—How’d you guess? Hit the link to the Poetry section and…well…you’re on your own from there.

Sunday, 7/6/14: The story of The Last Stop Motel, the place where I spent this July 4th weekend, today on Headlock Press. Hit the link to the Away Games section and share in the luxury. P.S.: I’m telling you, folks: For entertainment, you can’t beat the Last Stop Motel located in Spruce Pine, N.C., in the bosom of the Appalachian Mountains. And the price is right, too. Hit the link to "Last Stop" in Away Games, and look in the comments section for a full account of my very eventful day here. I was there and I saw it all, but I cain’t hardly believe it myself.

Wednesday, 7/2/14: A complete recap of Headlock Press’ award-winning World Cup coverage can be found in the Opinions section your favorite source for nonsense and information. Thanks to Howard Cosell and Alfred E. Newman for their consultation work and inspiration. Hit the link and leave your face paint at home.

Thursday, 5/29/14: Visions of Suburbia in this issue of Headlock Press. Drop your lawn instruments for a bit and hit the link.

Thursday, 5/15/14: Visit some Family Relations in this issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links, and if someone can explain what “Blood is thicker than water” means, please let me know.

Thursday, 5/8/14: Livelihoods and Leisure Pursuits in this issue of Headlock Press. Get someone else to punch in for you, find a recliner, hit the link, and have a look.

Thursday, 4/24/14: “Judgments” in this steel-eyed edition of Headlock Press. Hit a link and raise your right hand.

Wednesday, 4/16/14: Madness is diagnosed in today’s edition of Headlock Press. Hit the link and beware of men in white bearing butterfly nets.

Thursday, 4/10/14: Brothers, Sisters, Parents, and Kids in this family-affair issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links and get out of my room.

Thursday, 4/3/13: Criticism, Fair, Funny, and Foul is the subject of this new issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links and have your say.

Thursday, 3/27/14: Existence and Subsistence in this issue of Headlock Press. Hit the link and grab a little something to keep yourself going.

Saturday, 3/22/14: Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride on a weekend night, as Adam O’Connor’s series, “21st Century Travelers” continues this evening on Headlock Press. Hit the link to the Away Games section, and if you can’t be with the one you love…well, you fill in the rest.

Monday, 3/10/14: Adam O'Connor's travelogue continues today on Headlock Press. Hit the link to Away Games and learn something about "The Art of Seduction." Or the art of something, at least. Part 3 of a series.

Thursday, 2/27/14: Going places, in this new issue of Headlock Press. Hit the link, hop in, and go, man, go.

Wednesday, 2/19/14: Child’s Play in this new issue of Headlock Press, featuring Part 2 of “Henry and Betty,” the funniest brother-sister comedy team in family history. Hit the link and goof off for a good while.

Presidents’ Day, Monday, 2/17/14: The adventures of Henry continue, today on Headlock Press, featuring Henry’s best pal and sister, Betty. Happy Presidents’ Day, everybody—particularly Henry and Betty. Hit the link and read all about a couple of chief executives in the making.

Friday, 2/14/14: A different kind of Valentine, tonight, in the Away Games section of Headlock Press, along with a toast: “To the best company you’ll ever have.” Hit the link and have a heart. Salud.

Thursday, 2/13/14: Children’s Hour in this new issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links for some serious kidding around.

Thursday, 2/6/14: Adolescent Lessons are learned (then forgotten and repeated) in this new issue of Headlock Press. Hit the link and thank the good Lord you made it out of junior high school.

Friday, 1/31/14: Trying Conditions, Difficult Positions in this new issue of Headlock Press. Hit the link and stay limber.

Thursday, 1/23/14: Us and Them in this new full issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links and choose a side.

Thursday, 1/16/14: Go “Behind the Curtain” at Headlock Press and see how things are really run. It might surprise you. A performance in two parts. Hit the link to the Opinions section for a special backstage pass and view.

Wednesday, 1/15/14: Worlds of Difference, in this new issue of Headlock Press. Hit the link and range widely.

Tuesday, 1/14/14: An Existentialist apology performed as drama, today on the Headlock Press main stage. Hit the link and grab a ticket—you won’t be sorry.

Friday, 1/10/14: The Many Angles of Romance in today’s edition of Headlock Press. Hit the links and either pucker up or duck.

Wednesday, 1/8/14: Dreams, visions, charity, and patience, in today's tent revival issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links and grab a hymnal.

Sunday, 1/5/14: A story of dueling Chinese philosophers, today on Headlock Press. Second in a series. Hit the link for an ancient tale of crossed swords and crossed purposes.

Friday, 1/3/13: Kabuki, Comedy, and Musical Theater for your weekend entertainment today on Headlock Press. Hit the link and get your free pass to three new dramatic works. There’s something for everyone here, so dig in.

Wednesday, 12/18/13: Dueling Axioms, today on Headlock Press. In defense of teachers everywhere, at the end of the semester. Hit the link to the Opinions section and learn how to hammer a smart-ass.

Saturday, 12/14/13: Three diverse essays about three distinct family situations in these early holiday offerings from Headlock Press. Hit the links, look in your stockings, and hope you don’t get underwear and tube socks for presents.

Wednesday, 12/11/13: Internal Combustion in this issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links for a free diagnostic exam and tune-up.

Tuesday, 11/26/13: Connections and Disconnections in this edition of Headlock Press. Something to chew on before you grab your half of the wishbone. Hit the links and help yourself.

Saturday, 11/23/13: A never-before seen picture of that moment in Dallas 50 years ago when the sky went dark, the nation lost its balance, and the world took a different turn. Hit the link to the poetry section.

Wednesday, 11/20/13: Back to Work Before the Break in this issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links to the different sections for some on-the-job training.


A Headlock Press Exclusive. See the Opinions section for details.

Saturday, 11/16/13: A cheery little pick-me-up from renowned existential coach, Bob Bradley, in the astrology forecast section of Headlock Press. Hit the link and Interpret the Signs.

Friday, 11/15/13: The finale of the misadventure series, "Perilous Strollings," by yours truly, today on Headlock Press. Hit the link to the Away Games section and read a true tale from our Lost and Found Department.

Wednesday, 11/13/13: Friends, Family, and Others in this new issue of Headlock Press. Win some, lose some, but hit the link to stay informed.

Monday, 11/11/13: More tales about the famous Mckinney mountain clan of Mitchell County, N.C. in today's edition of Headlock Press. Hit the link to Away Games and learn yerself some new phrases.

Sunday, 11/10/13: "Blessed Assumption" on this Sunday edition of Headlock Press. Hit the link to Away Games an' git a blessin'.

Saturday, 11/9/13: Learn all about the Mountain tradition of Decoration Day, today on Headlock Press. It takes place in a graveyard. But it's supposed to be fun. Kind of. You'll see. Hit the link to the Away Games section.

Friday, 11/8/13: Meet a man who Never Met a Stranger, today on Headlock Press. Hit the link to the Away Games section and make a new friend.

Thursday, 11/7/13: "Perilous Strollings, Part 5: Many Voices," today on Headlock Press. Hit the link to Away Games and heed the signs, y'all.

Tuesday, 11/5/13: Mo' 'Bout Moonshinin' today on Headlock Press. Hit the link to Away Games an' try some homemade.

Friday, 10/25/13: "Perilous Strollings: Fixin' Dinner." Part 2 of a series. Hit the link for free tips on what to look for when shopping for wild game when in the Appalachian highlands, as well as some recipe suggestions for preparing critters for all occassions. Free in the "Dining Out" section of this weekend edition of Headlock Press.

Wednesday, 10/23/13: “Getting to Know You,” in this issue of Headlock Press. Hit the links and make some introductions.

Friday, 10/18/13: Some autumn afterthoughts about springtime decisions in today's offering from Headlock Press. Hit the link to the Home Games section for a little food for thought and a free sample of fertilizer for the family lawn.

Wednesday, 10/16/13: Homes, Gardens, Jungles, Farms, and Castles in today’s issue of Headlock Press. You’ll find tips and tales for homeowners, renters, buyers, sellers, squatters, and displaced persons by hitting the links.

Friday, 10/11/13: The Yin and Yang of Hello and Goodbye—or, in a word, “Aloha”—in this new issue of Headlock Press, where one wave of the hand can mean a lot. Hit a link and say Ciao.

Tuesday, 9/24/13: Going Places, in this new issue of Headlock Press. All kinds of places. Hit a link and hitch a ride.

Monday Night, 9/16/13: A special evening edition of Headlock Press to wrap up our "Reading, Writing, and Relearning" series: Writing Romance: Love Poems and Torch Songs. From my private archives. This is the real stuff, folks. Have a look. And if you have some Sinatra and whiskey handy, it'll help. Hit the link to the Home Games section.

Monday, 9/16/13: Go inside the newsroom of a big daily paper and meet a secret hero in today's edition of Headlock Press. It's a tour given by an insider, Newsday sports editor (and my brother), Michael Agostino as part of our "Reading, Writing, and Relearning" series. Hit the Creative Non-Fiction link and learn a hidden history.

Sunday, 9/15/13: A nun like none you've seen before in this Sunday edition of Headlock Press, where we continue our "Reading, Writing, and Relearning" series. The nun who dictates today's lesson, Sister Say-So, is of the high-boot, low-tolerance, no-nonsense, strictly old-school style of teaching. But you should get a kick out of her, anyway--one way or the other. Listen up and learn all about "Dangerous Language." Hit the link to the Opinions section and be sure to watch what you say.

Saturday, 9/14/13: It was an historic day of firsts on that first Earth Day, both for the planet and for me. I'm not sure if my first step into the writing racket was an auspicious or inauspicious one, but here's the story. "First Earth Day," continues Headlock Press' "Reading, Writing, and Relearning" week. Hit the Home Games link and learn a little something about junk you probably never knew.

Friday, 9/13/13: Headlock Press' Reading, Writing, and Relearning week continues with two new pieces, including a 13th-hour play-within-a-story by Bob Bradley. Grab your lucky rabbit's foot and enter at your own risk.

Wednesday, 9/11/13: Three poem-portraits about writing in three different lights today on Headlock Press, as we continue our Reading, Writing, and Relearning week.

Monday, 9/9/13: Headlock Press begins its Reading, Writing, and Relearning week with a tragicomic Shakespearean tale for today and beyond: "Sophomore Hubris," a new story by Adam O'Connor. Hit the link and lend us your ears, eyes, and funny bones.

Thursday, 9/5/13: A new era--or day or two--of cooperation begins at Headlock Press with this week's Collaboration issue. Staff members combine their talents and work for the common--well, let's just leave it at "common." Here's the link.

Friday, 8/30/13: We've got players both big and grand today on the Headlock Press stage as we continue our Festival of Greats celebration. Hit the link, lay down your money, and roll that dice.

Thursday, 8/29/13: Headlock Press continues its Celebration of the Greats festival with a couple of the best songs you'll ever hear. Hit the link and sing along, baby.

A song for the Irish today on Headlock Press. A grand people and a bonny isle. We'll not forget them during our Festival of the Greats. Not while I'm runnin' things here. No sir. Lads and lassies alike pour yerselves a Guinness, hit the link, and strike up the band (Away Games and Opinions sections).

Wednesday, 8/28/13: Headlock Press' first annual Rigmaster Long-Weekend Celebration of the Greats (August 27 or thereabouts) continues today. It includes this offering in our Away Games section featuring the legendary tugboat engineer and trickster, Big Jim Meehan (Mike's dad). Big Jim is one of the true greats, still pulling legs and cards out of his sleeve wherever he goes. If you've never met Big Jim, here's an introduction. Hit the link and keep your wits about you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013: Today is the birthday of legendary lefthanded Rigmaster, Salvatore Rocco Agostino Jr., aka: my old man. Here's a true tale about some things he gave to me to help celebrate his birthday this year. Hit the link to the Away Games section and have a slice of "Birthday Pizza Down in Dixie" today on Headlock Press. Then get out there and cut that lawn.

Monday, 8/26/13: Part 2 of Postcards from Asheville, North Carolina, Headlock Press' favorite vacation spot. It's a hippy town in the middle of the Appalachian South--how can you resist it? Hit the link to the Away Games section and join in the jolting fun.

Sunday, 8/25/13: A moving new hymn of praise composed by two old friends getting ready to rip up their favorite town--a Sunday morning devotional brought to you by Headlock Press. Hit the link to the Away Games section and listen to the choir.

8/24/13: It's a steel cage match debating showdown between Headlock Press advice columnist Bob Bradley and Headlock Press Consigliare, M. Gandhi in today's Opinions section of Headlock Press. Hit the link and grab a front row seat. "Get there early," as our hero, Muhammad Ali used to say, "It may not last long."

Friday, 8/23/13: Headlock Press announces its new line of Not For Sale Confrontational Refrigerator Magnet Mottos. Cut and paste, color and tape them to your own refrigerator and to those of others. Hit the link to the Opinions section and get the goods for free.

Thursday, 8/22/13: Controversy erupts, then erupts again, in the comments section under this powerful new one-act drama written by Dominick and Joe Quartuccio (Dom’s dad), "The Office Meeting." Hit the link to the Home Games section to see the drama within the drama, and watch out for stones thrown by a certain southpaw.

Wednesday, 8/21/13: New, full issue of Headlock Press today, with various contributors. Blue Box Art Breakfast Special all day today courtesy of Headlock Press, the place where you can still get a free literary lunch anytime you want it. Hit the link and your waitress will be right with you.

Monday, 8/19/13: From time-to-time I like to do some sightseeing in Facebook Land, talk to the locals, and see if I can find any souvenirs to bring home. Hit the link to the Home Games section to see some things I picked up recently on one such tour from Facebook yard sales. True tales, all.

Saturday Night, 8/17/13: Live theatre performance for a Saturday night under the Headlock Big Top. Tonight: "A Few Good Clowns," featuring the tragicomic dramedy duo, The Two Clowns, and newcomer to the stage, Michael Frank Agostino. Go to the Opinions section and get your tickets, folks. Then clear a little space on the Big Top floor and get ready to be grabbed, held, and hit--with seltzer water.

Saturday, 8/17/13: A “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” Roman Forum reenactment in today’s Opinions section of Headlock Press, where readers and writers alike let their fingers be heard. Hit the link and let the lions come.

Friday, 8/16/13: Four new poems and two new essays by six old pros and one wise man in this clowning around edition of Headlock Press. Hit the link and watch out for flying pies.

Thursday, 8/15/13:

<{;o) Folks! Big news! The real truth behind why Jerry Lewis' epic masterpiece, "The Day the Clown Cried" has never been released in theatres is told for the first time!

<[:@( You can find the real deal behind the cover-up in The Clown Corner.

<{;o) An exclusive from Headlock Press.

<[:@( Hit this link to Headlock Press www.headlockpress.com

and get all the "gripping" details in our new column, The Clown Corner.

<{;o) Only on Headlock Press.

<[:@( "Writing that grabs and holds," baby.

Your Friends, Chipper Clown <{;o) and The Sad Clown <[:@(


Wednesday, 8/14/13:

The Clown Corner

Complaints, Criticism, and Questions fielded by the tragicomic dramedy team of
Chipper Clown <{;o) and The Sad Clown <[:@(

Wicked fun after you put the kids to bed.

Headlock Press, “Writing that grabs and holds.”


Tuesday, 8/13/13: Tuesday, 8/13/13: A new poem by the ol' maestro, Tom Sullivan, in this edition of Headlock Press. Hit the Poetry section and see how a pro does it, folks.


Sunday night, 8/11/13: Loneliness and Solitude: Dictionary Descriptions in today's Away Games section of this special evening edition Headlock Press.

Sunday, 8/11/13: As the strike negotiations wind down between walk-out worker/advice columnist Bob Bradley and his employers at Headlock Press, we continue to offer you quality programming in our “Dear Bradley” column. Today, the Headlock Press Drama Club presents three original performances for the reading public: “Waiting For Bradley,” “Clownfellas,” and “Love in the Past-Modern Age.” All these new works were written and inspired and are performed in a collaborative effort between Bob Bradley, and Headlock Press’ new stars, the tragicomedy team of The Two Clowns: Chipper Clown <{;o) and The Sad Clown <[:@( Headlock Press offers these performances to its reading audience free of charge in thanks for its audience's patience during these very difficult negotiations with the surly and selfish—but undeniably talented—Mr. Bradley. Turn to the “Dear Bradley” section, and enjoy the show, folks.

Thursday, 8/8/13: It is Day 3 of the work strike by Headlock Press’ erstwhile advice columnist, Bob Bradley, against his long-suffering, but rapidly-losing-patience employers. To say the negotiations have taken a rancorous turn would be an understated joke. And a bad joke at that. Somehow, though, in the raging furnace of negotiations, great art has been forged. Drop what you’re doing and go to the “Dear Bradley” column to see a startling new dramatic work that is as richly historic as it is timely. It’s Sir Galahad, the shining knight of legend vs. Richard III, the stage’s greatest villain, in a battle of wills that will grab and hold you until the final curtain.

Wednesday, 8/7/13: Day 2 of the work strike against Headlock Press by its advice columnist, Bob Bradley, drags on. The thankless Mr. Bradley seems to be back-peddling at a sprint in the negotiations, though, thanks to the tough negotiating stance of The Landlord, the brilliant performance by Bradley’s replacements, The Two Clowns, and the strong words of top Headlock Press advisor and its new star, Joe Quartuccio (Senior Editor Dominick Quartuccio’s dad). Please turn to the “Dear Bradley” column for further details. –The Management of Headlock Press

Tuesday, 8/6/13: Headlock Press’ advice columnist, Bob Bradley, has announced he is on strike until he gets more of everything he wants, including sleep. But never fear: The resilient leadership of Headlock Press has hired two excellent replacements to fill in for the ungrateful and slothful Mr. Bradley until his contract dispute with the Headlock Press, and its Landlord, is settled. Please flip over to the “Dear Bradley” column to read the first part of what we hope will be an entertaining program, as well as the beginning of a long-lasting partnership. Yours, The Management of Headlock Press

Friday, 7/12/13: The History of Headlock Press, Part 1 and 2. With a special appearance by Mr. Jerry Lewis. In the Home Games section.

Tuesday, 7/9/13: Illusions, Delusions, and Matters of Deception in this new issue of Headlock Press, featuring all kinds of kinds of fanciful writing: this issue is just full of it.

Sunday, 7/713: Well folks, even I have to admit that today’s offering from Headlock Press is a little strange ("Free Installation" in the Spiritual Wrestling section). It started out as a kind of retelling of a famous Bible story, one where Adam hides from God in the Garden of Eden while he listens to the Big Guy walk around and call his name; I thought it would be appropriate for a Sunday. But then, somehow, an echo took over the piece. Hijacked it, actually, taking over the stage during the entire second half of the performance: singing songs, performing tricks, and telling jokes. (Did you hear the one about the stuttering echo?) Quite a ham, this echo. Performing echoes, direct from Vaudeville, by way of sacred texts, today on Headlock Press, where, well, who the hell knows what you might find.

Saturday, 7/6/13: “Choo-Choo Charlie was an engineer; Choo-Choo Charlie was his name, we hear….” If you know the candy, and you know the jingle, and you just read this, the tune just came into your head. And it might stay there for a while, as you well know. No, no: don’t thank me. That fabled engineer from the land of Good ‘n Plenty gets back on the rails to help celebrate the nation’s birthday. Take a trip with a true American legend in "Of Rails and Relics" in today's Away Games section of Headlock Press. Hit the link and hop a freight.

Wednesday, 7/3/13: The conclusion of Headlock Press’ On the Road special two-part issue, just in time for Independence Day. And what’s more independent than the Bohemian lifestyle Jack Kerouac laid down so famously in On the Road? Take a tour of America this weekend with Headlock Press. We've got the bus; fireworks by the Big Bang Boom Company. Uncle Sam will provide the music: word is he’s going to trade in his banjo for a sax and play a bop version of Yankee Doodle Dandy and other patriotic classics for the occasion. And wait till you see our man, Tío Sam, sporting his new red-white-and-blue beret to go with that famous hipster goatee of his. You’re not going to want to miss this picnic, kids. So get back to those roots and dig some adventure with the cats at Headlock Press. There or square, baby; and I don’t have to tell you that Squaresville is still Nowheresville.

Sunday, 6/23/13: A special On the Road edition of Headlock Press. See how two little letters can get together and create one big, beautiful word: Go.

Wednesday, 6/19/13: Landmarks, both joyous and solemn, are observed today on Headlock Press. Come and bear witness.

Father's Day, 2013: A Father's Day special from Headlock Press, that I'm sure your father would tell you to read. And don't make him say it again.

Saturday 6/1/13: Dirt Bag City, Part 5: Adventures in Lawn Care. Hit the link and pick up some tips. Also: a tribute to the author, John Paul Carillo, in this final installment of the series, courtesy of your friends at Headlock Press.

Friday, 5/24/13: Her name means “Bringer of peace,” but they named a hurricane after her. Some might say appropriately. It’s a birthday tribute to my mother and comedy partner, Irene, featuring members of her infamous brood in this extra-special edition of Headlock Press. Hit a link and grab a rake—along with a slice of birthday cake.

Friday, 5/17/13: Cranky, Cranky, Cranky in this issue of Headlock Press. Hit the link and get ready to duck.

Friday, 5/10/13: Wheels of all shapes and sizes are headed in many different directions from the travel terminal at Headlock Press. Climb aboard and hold on.

Monday, 5/6/13: Today, Headlock Press begins its new four-part series, Dirt Bag City, by John Paul Carillo. High quality, low-rent comedy that only a tight-ass could have a problem with. Find it in our short story section next to the bottom-shelf beer. Comes with a free introduction by well-known raconteur, Sal Chizzano. Here’s the link.

Friday, 5/3/13: Mostly Boasting today from the loveable blowhards at Headlock Press.

Friday, 4/26/13: Oddities (and Entities) in this issue of Headlock Press, a fit place for square pegs.

Friday, 4/19/13: Snacks and Such in today's tales and tidbits from Headlock Press.

Wednesday, 4/10/13: Fact and Fantasy in this cruel, unusual, and darkly comical issue of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 4/4/13: Homes and Gardens, better and otherwise, in this issue of Headlock Press.

Sunday, 3/31/13: Opening Day for Baseball. We at Headlock Press pay proper tribute. Play ball, baby.

Friday, 3/22/13: Birth and Rebirth in this spring break edition of Headlock Press.

Saturday, 3/9/13: Henry, back by popular demand. Part 4: A Flair for the Game. In the Home Games section.

Thursday, 3/7/13: Home and Away in this issue of Headlock Press. Come on in from the cold, grab a glass, a plate, pull up to the table and have a listen to stories old and new.

Tuesday, 3/5/13: Henry, Part 3: Innovator. History being made in our Home Games section.

Thursday, 2/28/13: Worries, Real and Imagined, in this issue of Headlock Press. Take that chill pill you've been saving, cool yourself out, peruse at a leisurely pace, and refuse to take things too seriously.

Sunday, 2/24/13: Henry, Part 2: Artist and Ambassador, in our Home Games section.

2/21/13: Animal Behavior in this issue of Headlock Press. Wipe your paws and wash behind your ears before you dig in.

2/13/13: A Literary Celebration of The Three Stooges: A First. An early Valentine’s Day present from your friends at Headlock Press. Better than anything you can buy from the Hallmark Company, soitenly! Hit a link and get ready to duck.

2/7/13: Self-Inspection in this issue of Headlock Press, where we're always striving to march forward.

2/3/13: The Song of Swami Bradley: A Word Opera. Now in convenient bite-sized pieces. Today: Overture and Act 1, with a Foreword and Afterword by Dominick Quartuccio. (See: Spiritual Wrestling section.)

Thursday, 1/24/13: Lagging Style and Lapsing Manners are on display in this issue of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 1/17/13: Days of Reckoning in the new edition of Headlock Press. Are you ready?

Tuesday, 1/15/13: An interview with a long-suffering editor in today's Opinions section. Read it and weep (in sympathy).

Thursday, 1/10/13: Matters of Time and Eternity in this special issue of Headlock Press.   Read it now, while it’s still in the present tense.

Monday, 1/7/13: Meet (or avoid) the Neighbors in this Welcome Wagon edition of Headlock Press.

Sunday, 12/30/12: Looking forward, looking back, and, of course, getting drunk and acting stupid in this New Year's edition of Headlock Press.

Monday, 12/24/12: A few chestnuts for you to snack on this Christmas Eve, courtesy of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 12/20/12: Birth, Death, and Points In Between in this apocalyptic issue of Headlock Press. Read and dig the living end.

Thursday, 12/13/12: Take the “From Innocence to Experience” tour in this issue of Headlock Press. Try to ignore the pouting of that stubborn non-participant, Peter Pan, from his perch in Never-Never Land.

Friday, 12/7/12: Challenges, taken up and shirked, in this issue of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 11/29/12: Get On Your Feet for this ready, willing, and sometimes disabled edition of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 11/22/12: A couple of Thanksgiving psalms in this special holiday edition of Headlock Press.

Friday, 11/16/12: With the busiest travel week upon us, Headlock Press is offering our readers a free lift in our Driving issue. Climb aboard and go with us to unplanned destinations.

Thursday, 11/8/12: Adding up the Aftermath in this issue of Headlock Press. Mathletes welcome, as well as everyone else.

Tuesday, 11/6/12: Headlock Press puts forward our own write-in candidate in today's special Election Day message.

Thursday, 11/1/12: Come to the Headlock Press post-Halloween party and listen to tales both true and conjured that are bound to keep you up well past your bedtime.

Thursday, 10/25/12: Breakdowns and Breakouts in this issue of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 10/18/12: Kids of All Sizes in this issue of Headlock Press.

Friday, 10/12/12: All You Need (and then some) in this issue of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 9/4/12: Appearance and Disappearance in this issue of Headlock Press, where we are not responsible for items lost, stolen, or misrepresented.

Tuesday, 9/25/12: Give into temptation and read Headlock Press' latest issue: Powers of Attraction.

Thursday, 9/20/12: Family Concerns in this issue of Headlock Press: reality entertainment without cues and cameras.

Friday, 9/14/12: Owners and occupants in the latest issue of Headlock Press, where we do our best to pay our rent on time.

Saturday, 9/8/12: Daydreams and night visions today on Headlock Press.

Friday, 8/31/12: It's back to work for the Headlock Press staff writers, who get the job done in today's special Labor Day weekend issue.

Sunday, 8/26/12: A song of departure at summer's end in today's Home Games section of Headlock Press.

Friday, 8/24/12: "A Thousand Kindnesses," from the Basque Country and beyond, in today's Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Saturday, 8/18/12: Come on an unexpected musical adventure with The World´s Weirdest Street Band, today in the Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Friday, 8/17/12: One from the Away Games vault, today on Headlock Press. Call it a "golden oldie" from your friend, The Wanderer, as he gets "around, ´round, ´round, ´round, ´round, ´round, ´round."

Wednesday, 8/15/12: As the world returns home after its games, old rifts reappear--maybe this time ripe for repair. Still trying to call a fair game in the Opinions section here at Headlock Press. How about you?

Monday, 8/13/12: Olympic closing ceremonies, far from Mt. Olympus, in today´s Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Saturday, 8/11/12: As this Olympics approaches its finish line, we at Headlock Press offer an exclusive gallery of colorful Olympic snapshots in today´s Opinions section, where "the constant variety of sports" is on display.

Friday, 8/10/12: The U.S. men´s Olympic basketball team is looked on with shock and awe in today´s Away Games section of Headlock Press, where games can sometimes be frightening events.

Thursday, 8/9/12: A cultural exchange between representatives from the United States and Ethiopia in the Basque Country of Spain in today´s Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Monday, 8/6/12: Did anybody seriously think a guy named "Bolt" was going to get beat to any finish line? Come on, now. It´s a name and script, as they say, straight out of a Hollywood script. Today, in the Away Games section of Headlock Press, we have two very, very special commentators to lend their opinions to Mr. Bolt´s great accomplishments. In its continuing Olympic coverage, Headlock Press today brings you a little thunder to go along with your lightning.

Saturday, 8/4/12: The disqualified top-seeds in the women´s Olympic badminton tournament give it right back to their accusers, the dim-witted International Olympic Committee, in an exclusive with Headlock Press. See the Comments below the editorial "Net of Deceit" in the Opinions section.

Friday, 8/3/12: A net of deceit in the Olympic badminton scandal is wondered about in today´s Olympic report in the Opinions section of Headlock Press, where we keep a close eye on our shuttlecocks.

Thursday, 8/2/12: It´s an doubleheader today at Headlock Press, with a very special report in our Away Games section. Nothing like watching a well-played game on a warm summer´s day. Yes, sir.

Thursday, 8/2/12: We do some lab tests in the Olympic pool in today´s Opinions section of Headlock Press, where we like to keep things as clean as possible.

Wednesday, 8/1/12: A little love laurel in honor of Olympic women athletes in today´s Poetry section of Headlock Press, where we save our exclamation points for when the mood is right.

Tuesday, 7/31/12: Headlock Press takes on The New York Times, today, in a non-sanctioned bout in a special ring we´ve set up in our Opinions section. We´ll let the readership be the scoring judges. But don´t be surprised if we shock and amaze ya.

Monday, 7/30/12: Important breaking news from the Olympic Games in London England in a Headlock Press exclusive; read all about it now in the Away Games section as the story unfolds.

Sunday, 7/29/12: A contruction blueprint of quite another sort in today´s Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Saturday, 7/28/12: Usain Bolt, the flamboyant world-record-holding sprinter from Jamaica, along with a well-known English playwright and others, is the subject of today´s thoughts in the Opinions section of Headlock Press, where we like to take a stab at things with our inked spears and shake things up.

Friday, 7/27/12: An important Olympic announcement in today´s Opinions section of Headlock Press. Your sports viewing may never be the same after reading the news.

Wednesday, 7/25/2012: Praise for the Department of Motor Vehicles, of all places, from far across the sea, in the Away Games section of today´s edition of Headlock Press, where the unusual, by now, should be expected.

Tuesday, 7/24/12: Randy Newman and surprise guests visit a small, northern Spanish town in the mountains by the sea in in today´s Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Monday, 7/23/12: The Problem With Parades, filed from our foreign office in Spain, in today´s Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Friday, 7/20/12: The first installment from the Basque Country in northern Spain in today´s Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Wednesday, 7/11/12: “Dear Landlord, Part 2: Property Holdings” today on Headlock Press, as well as a little something for the staff in the way of “Office Bonuses” in the Home Games section our special mid-summer wrap-up issue.

Monday, 7/9/12: Since Headlock Press will soon be doing some extended traveling in the rural countryside, we’ve decided to first take a quick field trip to some urban places with our “In the City” issue. But, please: stay together; we wouldn’t want anyone to get lost in the crowd.

Thursday, 7/5/12: All kinds of kid stuff in today’s edition of Headlock Press. Play a little hooky from whatever you’re doing and goof off with us for a little while.

July 4, 2012: Readers of Headlock Press: I reworked this short piece after I heard the news of Andy Griffith's death the other day. Here's the theme music to introduce the essay (cue bass and whistling):

Andy Griffith, an icon of Small-town, U.S.A. died the other day. I visited Andy Griffith's home town in North Carolina a few months ago, the town that was the inspiration for the now legendary "Mayberry." See “Dealing in the Idyllic” in our Away Games section for a tiny slice of Americana to go along with your apple pie on this Independence Day.


Tuesday, 7/3/12: Headlock Press would like to wish everyone a very happy Landlord’s Day, which, as you know, is fittingly celebrated on the eve of Independence Day. Today Headlock Press pays tribute to our very own Landlord in our Home Games section. It is the first part of a two-part, full-contact tale that is “based on a true story,” as television executives are fond of saying. (And don’t we all look to TV executives for truth?) Today’s Valentine, though, comes with a warning: “The following is not suitable reading for anyone who is ever willing to settle for second place.” So it’s “Read at your own risk” today, kids. Best of luck.

Saturday, 6/30/12: Headlock Press is proud to announce the winner of its one-day poetry contest. The prize goes to a car salesman, of all people. Congratulations to our winner; we hope he enjoys his "previously owned" set of steak knives. See the winning entry in our poetry section. And remember: Always Be Closing, Bubula.

Thursday, 6/28/12: Old, new, and others in this edition of Headlock Press, where we try to follow the writing axiom to “make it new,” but don’t neglect our prized, personal history books while doing it.

Friday, 6/22/12: "The Atheist Dialogues" begin today in our Spiritual Wrestling section. First in a series. Come see Don Rickles take on The Enlightened. It’s fun, free, and refreshments will be served, in theory, at least.

Fathers’ Day, Sunday, 6/17/12: The Rigmaster General, Salvatore Rocco Agostino, Jr., gets his due in today’s special Fathers’ Day edition of Headlock Press. Bring your own dad along to join in the fun happening right now in our Home Games section.

Friday, 6/15/12: The Book of Bradley, Part 2. As always, Headlock Press assumes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items from your psyche if you choose to partake of Bradleyworld. Enter at your own risk.

Tuesday, 6/12/12: This special mid-week edition of Headlock Press is filled with “found” writing: shiny stones we were lucky enough to stumble over, save, and can’t keep ourselves from sharing with our readers.

Friday, 6/8/12: Headlock Press is excited to announce, in today’s issue, what we think is a new, major literary event. Of sorts. Details are just a click away.


Tuesday, 6/5/12: The tale of the ship’s doctor and the galley cook in today’s Home Games section of Headlock Press, where sometimes you don’t need to travel farther than the front porch to find adventure.

Sunday, 6/3/12: A gathering of legends in today’s Home Games section of Headlock Press, where one is all you need for both company and a crowd.

Thursday, 5/31/12: Songs of the Unsung are performed in this issue of Headlock Press, where the unlooked for, ignored, and out-of-the-way get a chance to speak up and have their say.

Tuesday, 5/29/12: An uninvited guest is given the seat of honor at a Memorial Day party in today’s Home Games section of Headlock Press.

Monday, 5/28/12: Special Memorial Day sale on a fabulous new item now available in the Opinions section of Headlock Press.

Sunday, 5/27/12: An off-kilter tribute that only a left-handed sculptor could create in the Away Games section of this special Memorial Day edition of Headlock Press.

Friday, 5/25/12: Headlock Press is “rockin’ in two by two” in this week’s issue, Pairing Off.

Thursday, 5/24/12: Bob Dylan’s birthday is observed today in the Opinions section of Headlock Press, in a brief song of praise.

Saturday, 5/19/12: Optimism, cynicism, and the way it is. It's reader's choice in this issue of Headlock Press.

Thursday 5/10/12: It’s family time this Mothers’ Day weekend at the Headlock Press picnic grounds, and if you pack a flask or two in with your sandwiches and pie, we won’t say anything.

Wednesday, 5/9/12: Here is your invitation to a Baltimore Horror Costume Ball on the Night of 101 Drinks, held in the Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Tuesday, 5/8/12: "Lincoln, Lincoln, I've been thinking...," in today's Home Games section of Headlock Press.

Sunday, 5/6/12: A brief guided tour through areas of Baltimore that you won’t find in any of the brochures at the City’s Tourist Office. Get your tickets in the Away Games section of Headlock Press. Also some post-party advice in "Making it to Seis de Mayo" in the Home Games section.

Thursday, 5/3/12: God and Country get their marching orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Headlock Press, where rank has no privileges and our troops have a very unique sense of protocol.

4/29/12: A brief guide to the path of success is offered in today’s Opinions filling station of Headlock Press, where if we don’t know the directions to someplace, we’ll make ‘em up.

Thursday, 4/26/12: Things are heating up at Headlock Press with our “Desire” issue. Get a cool drink and partake, vicariously or otherwise.

Sunday, 4/22/12: Creation's constant call to the artist in today's Home Games section of Headlock Press. Get out there and get your hands dirty.

Thursday, 4/19/12: Dreams, plans, wonderings, and wanderings are the subject of this week’s issue of Headlock Press, where we are dedicated to the on-going fight against all forms of yawning.

Sunday, 4/15/12: Tonight’s hymn, sung by the Headlock Press Choir in our Spiritual Wrestling chapel, concerns itself with a certain junkman of great renown, the patron saint of salvage. (Cue harmonica and organ.)

Saturday, 4/14/12: The tale of “The Human Ostrich” is told in today’s Creative Non-Fiction section of Headlock Press, for anyone who ever wanted to run away and join the circus, or if you just happen to be a fan of human curiosities and carnival sideshows.

Friday, 4/13/12: Individuality and herd instincts are lassoed in the fields of this week’s edition of Headlock Press. Come on out and enjoy the round-up—but watch where you step.

Saturday, 4/7/12: A Good Friday full moon as seen from a cabin in the mountains of Virginia, along with a special guest, in today's Away Games section of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 4/5/12: The three R's: Rebirth, Renewal, and Resurrection in this week's special Easter/Passover edition of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 3/29/12: If you like college sports, but are sick of hearing the pure of heart bitch about scholarships and make speeches about “The Meaning of Education,” today’s offering in the Opinions section of Headlock Press is for you.

Wednesday, 3/28/12: A sports investment opportunity is offered in today’s Home Games section of Headlock Press, where you can find out how to get involved at the conception stage.

Tuesday, 3/27/12: A quick guide to betting on student-athletes at institutions of higher learning, in today’s Home Games section of Headlock Press, where we’re not afraid to open our books or share our lesson plans.

Sunday, 3/25/12: A brief note on the art of thank you in today's Home Games section.

Sunday, 3/25/12: Golden calves, golden arches, gold-label tequila, and other things that glitter in this guest article in the Spiritual Wrestling section of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 3/22/12: For a sure bet, put your money on Headlock Press’ gambling issue, free at a computer or racetrack near you.

Monday, 3/19/12: Drips and drags are discussed in this tiny caution in our Opinions section.

Sunday, 3/18/12: We like to think of controversy as one of our chief enterprises here at Headlock Press, as you can read in the latest article in our Spiritual Wrestling section, “Going By The Book.” Neutrality just isn’t in our nature, regardless of what etiquette manuals might recommend.

Thursday, 3/15/12: We set our sights on both hunters and the hunted in this sure-shot, can’t-miss edition of Headlock Press.

Wednesday, 3/14/12: It’s a day after the deep South presidential primaries and we at Headlock Press offer some post-game analysis of the mud-wrestling match between politics and religion in our new “Spiritual Wrestling” section.

Tuesday, 3/13/12: The Great Kobayashi gobbles up another eating record. See the comments under "The Hunger for Greatness" in our Opinions section for details.

Sunday, 3/11/12: We kick off our new section of Headlock Press, Spiritual Wrestling, with the essay, “Wrestling With God.” Grab a good seat (maybe not in the front row—you know how those wresting matches can go) and enjoy this first bout on the card.

Friday, 3/9/12: It’s spring ahead with Daylight Savings Time this weekend, and Headlock Press is looking ahead with everybody’s favorite springtime topic: the many sides of amore. Get a nip of it while it’s in the bud and beat the rush.

Saturday, 3/3/12: A tourist’s snapshot of a peaceful piece of New York City for those in the market for such things in today’s Home Games section of Headlock Press.

Friday, 3/2/12: Finger pointing in various directions is examined in this issue of Headlock Press, where we might not be able to guide you in the right direction, but we’ll try, at least, not to point you in the wrong one.

Wednesday, 2/29/12: Celebrate Leap Year by trying this recipe from the Home Games kitchen of Headlock Press. It promises to be one of the best holiday celebrations you’re ever likely to have.

Sunday, 2/26/12: “The Youth of A Thousand Summers” is the title of this evening’s hymn sung by The Headlock Press Choir in our Home Games chapel. Something to hum yourselves to sleep by.

Friday, 2/24/12: Matters of style, and lack thereof, are taken up in this issue of Headlock Press. Fashion show flea market to follow.

Friday, 2/17/12: The philosopher Anselm said, “God is beyond that which can be thought.” But that won’t keep us at Headlock Press from trying. Dogma is taken on in our new Religion issue, and we hope to provoke thought as well as some laughter from both the heavenly and earthly minded among us.

Friday, 2/10/12: Identities—lost, found, stolen, searched for, and better left alone—are hunted down, uncovered, and revealed by the Headlock Bureau of Investigation as part of our Freedom of Information policy. Just don’t call us “Private Dicks,” if you don’t mind.

Friday, 2/3/12: On the threshold of America’s biggest holiday, Super Sunday (if the TV ratings are to be believed), we at Headlock Press are offering a special non-football sports edition, in the interest of keeping the score as even as possible.

Friday, 1/27/12: Money matters get a going over in this issue of Headlock Press, where we believe in open books and unbalanced ledgers.

Thursday, 1/19/12: Various disorders are discussed and examined in funhouse mirrors in this edition of Headlock Press.

Thursday, 1/5/12: Hop in with us at Headlock Press and come for a ride in our Car and Driver issue. Stretch out and leave the steering to us.

Saturday, 12/31/11: Some acquaintances, old and new, you might like to forget. A warming tale for the New Year in the Short Stories section.

Monday, 12/26/11: Headlock Press is holding our own special After-Christmas Sale. See our advertisement in the Home Games section.

Friday, 12/23/11: Some unusual nuggets to chew on along with your roasted chestnuts in this special holiday edition of Headlock Press where, like Sally Brown, “All we want is what’s coming to us; all we want is our fair share.”

Friday, 12/16/11: During this season of harmony and sales strategies, we at Headlock Press are offering you a special collaboration issue, where various authors whistle while they work together, with some rhythmic group grunting added to keep you in step to the beat of holiday buying.

Friday, 12/9/11: Our international correspondents report on foreign affairs in this edition of Headlock Press, where we’ve never met a stranger, but have certainly witnessed some strange behavior.

Friday, 12/2/11: Untamed moments, captured and put on display in this issue of Headlock Press, where we encourage you to come as close as you dare and indulge your curiosity.

Friday, 11/18/11: News, sports, and weather in this week’s edition of Headlock Press, where we pride ourselves on our reporting style being skewed and unbalanced.

Friday, 11/11/11: “A person of experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument,” is the theme of today’s Veterans Day special issue of Headlock Press. It is also Armistice Day, the day meant to mark the end of “The war to end all wars” nearly a century ago. Hasn’t quite worked out that way, but here’s hoping.

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares,
and their spears into pruning hooks:
nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war anymore (Isaiah 2:4).

Tuesday, 11/8/11: Epitaph: The great heavyweight champion, Joe Frazier, wanted to come out for the 15th round in Manila against Ali, even though his eyes were so swollen that he couldn’t see. Despite Joe’s protests, his trainer, Eddie Futch, couldn’t let him continue. “No one will forget what you did here,” Futch told Joe. A perfect epitaph for a man who was an icon of determination. Something for all of us to aspire to. Joe Frazier died yesterday. We have a couple of flowers for him in our poetry section.

Friday, 10/28/11: Invited guests visit and interlopers barge in unannounced this week at Headlock Press, where all will be greeted at the door with either a smile or a grimace, depending on who you are and what you bring.

Friday, 10/21/11: The old folks visit us in this week’s issue of Headlock Press, where we play Bingo for real money, insist the cashier in the supermarket go over every item on our receipts with us, and use the turn signals in our big, green Buicks whenever we damn well feel like it.

Friday, 10/14/11: The element of surprise is ready to be sprung in this issue of Headlock Press, where even the cupcakes have dancers poised to pop out of them.

Friday, 10/7/11: We are offering our latest arrivals in this issue of Headlock Press—the freshest syllables, words, sentences, and paragraphs we could find. Written in the morning, edited in the afternoon, printed in the evening, and delivered to you, still damp with today’s pre-dawn dew.

Friday, 9/23/11: The food service industry is grilled, fried, poached, garnished, and reviewed in this week’s edition of Headlock Press, where everything is made by hand and employees are strongly encouraged to wash up before returning to work after using the facilities.

Friday, 9/16/11: Storms of all types are charted in this issue of Headlock Press. Learn how to survive, endure, and even laugh at the weather when everything around is threatening or swirling or crashing. Some new tunes to whistle while you’re picking up the day-after debris.

Friday, 9/9/11: It’s a back-to-school issue of Headlock Press, filled with field day events in which both teachers and students alike participate. We have an open-campus policy, so feel free to drop in and visit, and leave the dropping out to others.

Saturday, 9/3/11: A nod and a wink, with a side order of snicker and sizzle, for the labor force on Labor Day weekend, as we return to the magazine format at Headlock Press, where our one rule is “Don’t work too hard."


Go back, by the magic of the printed word, and accompany me on my daily travel misadventures throughout the past summer, in the "Away Games" section right here at Headlock Press. The trip began June 16 with the first installment, "The Scramble North." (Hit the "Show Archive" button in the Away Games section to take the full tour.) If you ever feel like you've lost your way, you'll feel a lot better after seeing how I bumble through my various trips. It may seem like a sight-seeing tour in a custom-made clown car, but you know clown cars: there's room for everyone.

And, please, browse through the archives and read what you haven’t gotten to yet. This is literature of the entertaining type, and will last until the cockroaches finally take over the earth. Then—who knows?—if they’re enlightened cockroaches, it all might still be read during the coming insect millennium. Until then, read up, digest, then comment on the various meals you’ve partaken of. We’ll take care of the cockroaches.


News: The second edition of my book about writing poetry, Created Writing: Poetry From New Angles is now available for purchase. The second edition, in my estimation, is twice as good as the first edition, since there are twice the amount of poems and new writing in this edition. The poems were culled from over a dozen years of editing and publishing student writing. The best of the best. A good number of the poems have appeared right here at Headlock Press. Teachers who wish to get a free desk copy to review should contact Pearson Publishing at www.pearson.com. Most other people will have to pony-up their hard-earned or lazily-gathered dollars for the book. And let me say, modestly, and in my best infomercial voice, that it will be the most rewarding investment you’re ever likely to make.

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