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New Book

Paul Agostino's new book, Appalachian Calculations, is now on sale from Linus Books. Hit the link below and you will get all the info you need: a description of the book, a questionable bio of the author, how to order a copy, and some pretty pictures to look at while you decide if you want to take a 15-dollar gamble on 223 pages of pure brilliance. The book would make a great gift for any occasion, even minor occasions like Arbor Day, Flag Day, and, depending on your ecological point of view, Earth Day.

Paul Agostino owns and operates Headlock Press. If you are a regular reader of Headlock Press, you know who he is and how he writes. If this is your first visit to the Press, have a look around and you'll find out everything you need to know.

Appalachian Calculations

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Welcome to Headlock Press, where our aim is to publish "Writing that Grabs and Holds." If this is your first time here, you can get acquainted with us by reading recently published works and browsing through the archives in each section.

We try to publish literature of the entertaining type; hopefully, the type that will last until the cockroaches finally take over the earth. Then—who knows?—if they’re enlightened cockroaches, it all might still be read during the coming insect millennium.

Until then, read up, chew over, digest, and feel free to comment on the quality of the chow. We’ll take care of the cockroaches.

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